Bike Choice


I need help deciding on a bike. need something that tours well, decent tank range range etc. I am 6 foot/15 stone-ish. Have got 2 grand to spend and have no garage so bike needs to be low maintenance/reliable/comfortable/exciting. Have considered vfr750, rf900, fazer 600.

Any suggestions?

TDM 900.

Great all rounder. At 6 foot the higher seat will be perfect and you wont suffer cramps or stiffness on long journeys, over 200 mile tank range.
Great low torque means they shoot off the mark surprisingly quickly, and will cruise on the motorway no problem.
Not as popular over here as in Europe due to the obsession with sports bikes, but they really are true all rounders.

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hello and welcome … may I suggest a CBR600f, perfect bike - me ofcourse being biased.

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Speak to Kevsta, he may have exactly what you need :slight_smile:

Hiya & welcome to LB - yeah - agree with Alex (for once!) - Kevsta has a niiiiice TDM and he’s not the sort of bloke you’d find doing 120mph on it either.

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Shaft-driven = low maintenance. Fabulous build-quality too! Some of these bikes are proper touring range (Stelvio) and will fit your frame.

Oops. 2 grand.

Hmm… A Honda Dullville then? :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice and the welcome messages. On an impulse I have ignored all the good advice and bought a 97 fireblade!! This is why drunk people should not be allowed on ebay. Bye bye licence

Drunk ebaying always dangerous :doze: Not as bad as drunk online poker, at least something arrives in return for your empty bank account! Good purchase and welcome to LB! :slight_smile: