Bike choice

What would you go with…new CBR600 RR or a 02-03ish fireblade?

Well there is about 2 grand difference isnt there? Depends on what you want to do, where you gonna keep it, Both will put a grin on yer face, I think probably the nimbleness of the RR would get it for me, but then I ride into work every day and park it on the street, so the blade might be less thief prone…and I am a tall guy, so a bigger bike suits…

If your flying around town go for the RR, much more nimble and light than the fireblade. I had to make similar choice a couple of years back and went for the RR and have not look back? Also I have not got a big build so weight was a big driver!!

RR for me!

Depends on what you’re used to, and what you’re looking for in a new bike… personally, I’d choose the RR

get a gixer m8 much more fun, handles better an looks better

The RRs seem to have a habit of falling over, but that might just be the riders…

neither personally

pretty different bikes there mate - few questions first:

how long have you been riding

how many miles do you do a year

have you done or are planning to do track days

what bikes have you owned to date

As a general comment if you’ve not had a pure sports bike so far, i’d say get 600. you’ll learn a hell of a lot more about working the gearbox, keeping the bike in its powerband, and cornering.

Yeah, we need more info, but a 600 is a very good all rounder and will save you money in tax and insurance aswell.

The new CBR 600RR is probably the best 600 out there at the moment. Looks pretty hot too.

In answer to your questions i’ve been riding for just over one year. I think i’ve covered about 6,000 miles in that time on my 2000 cbr600. As for track days that’s probably out of the question for now. 99% of the time the bike is just used to go from Kilburn to Fulham and the rare blast to cambridge or colchester.

The new Baby Blade has been voted best superbike recently above the 1000RR Blade. It is truly an awesome ride! Finally those morons who said that the blade is too stable for a sports bike have been silenced. What is so bad about having the most stable, smooth ride on the road? Go for a test ride…you won’t be sorry. It is pure class.

Hmmm…That makes me think whether you really want to be looking at a sports bike at all.

Depends what you want mate, but any modern sports bike will be wasted on what you want to do and may make you frustrated because you can’t really use it (if you know what I mean). I know I’ve felt that about my R1 at times because recently I haven’t had the time to use it beyond commuting on a boring commute through London (no twisties) and a pretty short one at that (less than 10 miles).

I guess the question I’m asking you is, is a sports bike the only type of bike you’re looking at?

Something more upright like a KTM or sport tourer style bikes (especially nakeds) like the Triumph Tiger, Yamaha Fazer, Suzuki Bandit and Honda Hornet will generally leave a sports, full faired bike, left in traffic. They may be more fuel efficient and are generally cheaper to tax, insure and maintain.

Still, sports bikes look cool and if that’s what you’re after, then given your experience, I’d definitely go for a 600. Quick enough for anything you’ll want to do and the lower weight will make a difference in town.

Even regardless of how experienced one is, sports 600s (especially the new ones) are bloody good bikes. They’re posting comparative BHP figures to the original 92 Fireblade so they are more than quick enough.

I really like that new CBR 600RR and I’m intruiged by what Honda are going take from that and put on the 08 Fireblade which should be revealed at the end of this year.

nothing much to add to that. if you want a sports bike the 600 is more than enough. I’d re-gear it down to get at the revs/torque sooner too

hi there, thanks for posting back with answers, almost inclined to agree with Afro, one of the two you mentioned will be difficult if you are just commuting. But then again if you did get one of them, I think you will find that the number of blasts that you want to go on increase dramatically!!

I would also check the insurance on a brand new CBR-RR think its kinda pricey!

Try this - get a cheaper bike, say a 98 blade or an 01 600 (still wonderful machines), and with the cash you save on insurance and costs, take yourself to the Californian Race school (dont worry its in england!) and get some tuitioned track days under your belt, go on some bikesafes and you will end up being a much better rider and much more able to enjoy the bike.

Getting the latest and greatest bike just for around town is a bit of an expense if you ask me…