bike cameras

want to put some small cameras on the bike for recording. i hear you can use digital with sd memory built in. anyone got any ideas where i can get hold of?

A mate of mine rates the one below you could give that a go, good luck with the fitting though he found he had problems…

But let me know how you get on if you go for it.


what most ppl do (vbloggers) is put a normal digital cam inside the helmet and use a large memory card. e.g. here is how a guy on Livevideo (zone07) had done it :

hope this helps??

check this site

for dig cameras

Badnit man…

how much you looking to spend?

dunno money aint really a problem

you lucky fvcker, I wish it was like that for me.

ok, you could buy yourself a archos reocred and they actually do a bike recorder to go with it, in total you would be looking at around £250 upwards I would say for both parts, but if you get the 60gb drive you get hours upon hours of recording…

Its all about

They sell through eBay too, so you can get a bargain or two!

You did say money wasnt a problem right>!

This video(3 mins) was done using Mini DV and various mounts and bullet cameras from RF concepts etc

I used a number of mounts, but I would not use a SD card as they tend to jump under heavy vibration.

babypolarbear is the chap to ask about this - drop him a PM - he’s bought some really good kit from the states for our Russia trip.


I run a kit from RF Concepts. Works wonders with a solid-state recorder, and you get broadcast quality pretty much. It’s like MotoGP in your home

I got a mount off ebay for about £45 and also a brand new digital Sharp MiniDV camera for £90 (that was a bargain mind).

MiniDV cassettes can be bought in packs of 3 for under £12 from Jessops and the video quality is DVD for about an hour per tape or 90 minutes with mono sound recording.

Vibrations like landing from jumping over the Mounatin at Cadwell causes a slight stutter in quality but aside from that, it works flawlessly.

If you want more details on the mount then let me know

I noticed the mount on your bike last night, looks quite trick

I’ve had a bullet camera from Dog Cam on 3 different bikes now. While others may be very positive about it I’m moving the other way from the idea. The reason for this is that sometimes on a ride I ride a little over the speed limit and sometimes I may over take at a time which is viewed as not being 100% correct by the girls in blue.

IMO, use a bullet cam and hide it under your fairing somewhere that it does not stick out and is hard to see. These twits that have it on their helmet or side of the bike are asking for trouble (seen 2 people at Box Hill of all places with it on the side of the bike…silly!)

If I was buying at the mo this is what I’d get: The thing you want to spend the money on for sure is the bullet camera. If this is high spec then you will get a better shot. No good spending £500 on a MiniDV and then going cheap on the bullet cam IMO.

Best of luck

Anyone know whether it’s feasible to ram-mount a camera onto a bike? I was thinking of using the mount for my sat-nav, with a part that has a ram-mount ball on one end and a standard camera tripod screw thread on the other.

I suppose the drawback of this approach (and the reason many prefer bullet helmet cams) is that a bike mount will only see where the bike is going, while helmet cam will see where the rider is looking.