Bike being Sold

Why are so many New bikes sold after doing less than 3kmiles some even have two owners with in this time, just a question

Direct access passed - buy a new shiney bike - scare themselves silly - sell the bike.

Thats what im about to do hmm, im going for a 600

The bikes only as fast as you twist the throttle!

PS. let me know when you sell it!

Sell are you crazy, ill ride it till I love it, was on my friends R6 moving at a stupid speed got off and thought Damn I’ve got to get one of those.
its just as im looking through the classifieds there are tones for sale that havent even gone through a set of tyres yet!

That’s cool then, i was just checking!

I know what you mean though, but it’s like Snap said theres loads of people who had a 500/600cc 15 years ago, then go out and buy a mordern 600 and **** themselves!
At the end of the day you get a better choice. just HPI the bike to check alls well, if it makes you feel better.

Happy buying!!

I use to change my bikes every year and my ninja is now almost a year old with 3500 miles. will be changing soon! I dont use to commute, only to travel or pleasure… I guess that explanes a bit?

I think there’s a lot of poeple that just don’t rack up the mileage, there bike is just a weekend plaything. Also, the “it’s never seen rain”, what’s that all about, get out there and ride the things, whatever the weather.

I think winter riding makes you a better rider, as you need to be smoother and more observant in the dark weather. Plus, I can’t imagine what it must be like getting back on a bike after 4-5 months off. I find it hard work when I go away for a week.

Buy new sportsbike - thrash to death, wheelie back and forth over Chelsea Bridge and at Ace cafe, do couple of trackdays - sell under titled “1 Carefull owner”

As if it was not hard enough to decide whether or not to buy my first bike this winter or get a new car and leave the bike till late Jan