Bike & BBQ Night - Sarratt - Monday 11th August

Hi everyone,

We are having another bike and BBQ night at The Boot in Sarratt on the evening of Monday August 11th. The events run every second Monday of the month now. There will be burgers, hot dogs and these will be served with chips or salad this time for the same price as last time. Also there will be scampi and chips available. Postcode is WD36BL.

Paul (biker and landlord)

would of been there but off to sunny yarmounth for the week…in the car…:angry:

should be there again. Nice one.:slight_smile:

We will be there barring outside influences and cloudbursts :wink:

I’ll be coming along again :slight_smile:

Will be in attendance to sample the delightful burgers with chips(this time) :wink: maybe mine will have a candle on it :smiley:


Oi, I resemble that comment :smiley:

dont you mean resent?:w00t:

Fingers crossed with this weather :crazy:


See you lot tonight,… rain? What’s a bit of rain :smiley:

I’m due to finish work at 7 so may well call in on my way past, anyone have any idea what time you’re all going to be there until?

i will be there, see you later!

Make sure you keep the noise down guys;):smiley:

Fairly late last time so you will be in plenty of time if you leave work at 7 :cool:

In that case, I probably will call in and say hello to everyone, quietly!!:smiley:

Happy birthday! See you later… :smiley:

Ahhh yes, bumps for the birthday boy :w00t:

if it dry will try n make it :slight_smile:

gotta find the bugger lmao :smiley: