Bike Auctions




Non-hooligans don’t do burnouts on their own bikes! Luckily that description doesn’t apply to anyone on here…

i went to the police bike auctions a few years back …took a van and was ready to buy

however the prices seemed to not make sense … people paying toooo much for stuff

I have found that also it’s because a lot of the buyers as from outside of UK

And for example a 2001 fireblade is worth say £1500-1800 in UK in certain parts of the world is worth a lot more even damaged so they can pay full retail and still make a profit also what some of them do is buy car write off bikes take home do some dodgy repairs re re register there then bring back to UK clear…

This is why I tend to stay Away from imports as heard and seen so many horror story’s is unreal

agreed … lots of overseas buyers when I was there …seemed better to buy local and 2nd hand to be honest

Yer being in the EU has destroyed the market for UK buyers is a joke