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Hi all,

I am planning on getting my R6 over the next few months (maximum by June)…
I want the latest model, what am I looking to pay for a good condition one (it will have to be restricted)


what a waste.

get an R125 if you dont have the full licence, you’ll be more happier for so many reasons :wink:

waste? not so…

getting it restricted means that he can the bike he wants, get used to the size, brakes general feel and when the time comes all he will only have the new power to learn!

no need to buy a new bike as you will have the bike you always wanted!

ask Raquib for more details as he had a restricted r6

Got an R125, got MOD2 to take to pass full test but being 19 I cannot have a de-restricted one even with full license!Is restricted A LOT slower than unrestricted? And if so how? In acceleration, top end or both??

thank you :smiley: exactly right!!! :cool:

my mate had a cbr600 restricted to 33bhp

it was seriously quick restricted. get an r6 and restrict it. go for an earlier cheaper model then you won’t be so upset when you chuck it down the road or someone nicks it :stuck_out_tongue:

sensible reply but being young and stupid ill take the risk of getting the latest version…im looking and they are going for around 4-6k i can get 09-10 model in mint condition? but id be looking for a dealer because i want to part exchange my r125…god i love the r6…my dream…even though insurance is £3800 :expressionless:

there was an article on Bike (or Ride?) magazine this month about how a restricted 600 (GSXR) was a great stepping stone to the real thing.

thats a lot of cash! hope you have a bigass vault to keep it overnight? :wink:

if not…get the older one

Seems like money isn’t really a problem for you so f*ck it go for it :smiley:

Trade in the r125 and get last year’s model from a yamaha showroom or something
You seem pretty keen on the r6 but it might be worth trying out a gixxer, zx6, cbr600 perhaps?

i guess you cant do that without a full license :wink: but you can atleast check the ergonomics

yeah go for it illz but sell your bike privately youll get more

Why dont you take some of that insurance money and get your full license ?


  • cough * must remember not to scan these posts !

Cheers Pan

the cash? or the bike?? lol!

if the cash then yes i have a vault with a doberman a violent pussycat guarding it!!!

and if you are talking about the bike then i have a garage with a motion sensor and cctv ! (and a baseball bat) :wink:

im a bit scared though tbh…i mean id say the 125 is quick enough for me but you know them times when you need that tiny bit extra umph to overtake, i dont feel safe overtaking on the r125, i have to drop like 2 gears and then redline both and shift up real quick and it still does not pull…

Please cut your teeth more on the 125. as you said you think thats quick, the 125r is sooo slow compared to the R6. let alone any other sports bike. When you are totally confortable on the 125r, can knit a cardigan while sipping tea as you ride it - kinda confortable, then upgrade.

the difference between a 33bhp R6 and a full power R6 is immeasurable.

as Pan says, there’s an article in Ride this month which shows the torque/power curve of a restricted GSXR 600 over the top of the full fat one. its laughable!

i’ll scan and post when i get a minute

tbh i like the GSXR 600 (but i dont know if they can be restricted?)

this one

but im more of a yamaha dude? i know i got **** all experience and dont really know anything about bikes but R6 is one of those things you look at and u fall in love with straight away…i heard its more of a track bike as compared to a road bike does that mean its not practical for day to day use? God i cant wait to feel that power between my legs and look like a power ranger!!!

2010 quickest laptimes tested on track by IIRC SuperBike magazine was the S1000RR, second was the R6 :smiley:

So good choice :smiley:

Why not get a restricted beema?:w00t: