Bike advice

Looking to get a bike for my commute to work but am not sure what to get.

Shortlist is 600/900 Hornet or Z750.

Anyone got any info on these bikes?

Price range 3-4K

Other than thinking Honda build quality might be a better investment?

And I think Hornets are so damn cool anyway…

I think the new hornet looks very cool - and of course you get the honda build quality - just don’t make the same mistake I did instal dodgy alarms!

Go for the hornet, but depending on your commute go for the 600 as you probably wont need the extra grunt of a 900 when filtering etc… Will also get better economy.

Have ridden a hornet 600 and I found it quite bland when compared to the Z750. Undoubteldy the build quality on the Honda will be better but in terms of a laugh and having fun then the Z750 wins every time IMO.

I have a Z750 and like it. And at 3699 they are cheap as chips. It might not be in as good a condition as the Hornet in 10 years but by then who cares.

If it was your only bike I’d go Z. If you are looking for a commuter to save your proper bike form the city then Hornet as it should last longer.