Bike Accident

Another Russian dash cam, but this is the most incredible one that I have ever seen. It is utterly unbelievable!

They crash so much they have got good at it .

That is the most impressive bike crash I’ve ever seen!!! How on earth did he manage that!!

Undertakers love undertakers

Holy sh*t now that is masterful! :w00t:

Nah, thats no good! You have to stay on your feet!:blush:

And juggled the parts that flew off the bike?


I’m more impressed he didn’t go flying off the front of the car as it braked. A true surfer :cool:


Next stop Russia’s Got Talent :w00t:

8/10 for that. He lost points for not doing a triple pike on the dismount for the car.

Natural born stunter. :slight_smile:

Hahaha… amazing!!!

No one likes to see an accident but that was pretty impressive. Shame the bike is probably written off.

He wasn’t undertaking.

Russians drive on the right side of the road.

The car driver who pulled out probably did it on purpose. They have a history of being very aggressive and territorial, and tend to bully smaller neighbours.

It would seem then that if the car filming this wasn’t hogging the fast lane, the accident might not have happened.

Pretty much.

The dizks doing the video react with complete shock.that their road blocking created the accident. Camera warriors …