Bike accident down sevenoaks way.

Was overtaking slow traffic down sevenoaks way when the man infront of me decided to give way to the lady on the side road. the lady came straight onto the other side of the road without looking to the left-not seing the man on the Triumph 955i. He ( in his early 50’s came flying off and skided a few metres(not his fault at all). Went straight up to him and he was screaming in agony. Called the police and ambulance and waited for the poor bugger to be taken away. My prayers are with him to make the swiftest recovery and hopefully be back on the road.

Moderator: Some pictures removed out of decency to the rider.

Sorry to hear that and hope he recovers :frowning:

Good of you to stop Josh.

cuff her and take her away :smiley:

ALWAYS that junction!!!:exclamation:Horrible junction to get out of and pass. Hate it. When ever i pass it im well cautious. Hope he recovers soon. Were his injuries bad??Thumbs up for stopping. Is his bike left on road?

Horrible to see photos of an accident posted on here like that, but hope they may be of use to him later.

Hope he is ok.

I think he has internal body injuries. When she knocked the side of the bike- she caught his leg inbetween the fairing and car bumper. By looking at the damage of the fairing, you can pretty much tell he has definitely broken something in his leg. I was really pissed off about how the woman got straight on the phone to her f**king husband instead of calling the police or ambulance!

Well done Josh mate…:slight_smile:

At least he has got a good witness when the ******* old crusty slut trys to blame him when it comes to the insurance libility

winds me up…ringing her husband up…poor sod could of been dying…

im getting wound up now…chill winston chill.

I dunno Josh.

I wonder if you’ve filed a complaint to the local police station reporting the recklessness of her manoeuvre. If she didn’t check to see if a car was coming into the lane she joined into, she failed in her duty of observation in a reckless way. How she failed to see a bright yellow bike is senseless.

The guy who signalled her out ironically will probably get away with having created the conditions for this accident.

If I ever see anything like this on the road, I tend to beep on my horn, just to alert people around me that things aren’t alright. That’s really grim for the rider - hope his family are there to support him through the ICU phase :frowning:

I haven’t filed a complaint yet. My priority at the scene was to get an ambulance ASAP and the police, then take the pics as proof just in case. I have passed on my details to the police as the main witness and will do anything to get this lady off the road!(EDITED). If I was to point out one possible mistake in the biker- it would be the fact that as soon as the vehicle stopped he should have realised something is wrong! But then again, its all in a split second.

Why would you do that?

I “would have” done that because I’m very biker supportive. Every biker on the road is my brother and I would treat them just like a member of my family. I dont drive and always have been on bikes since the age of 12. BUT! What I said was wrong and took it too far and I do apologise. I did edit my post and would appreciate of you deleted my quote as it could cause problems for the rider legally.My sincere apologies again.

One of the photos removed from the thread (BTW good idea mods) as well as showing a woman on her mobile showed the car with a dent in the front bumper and a dent in the side wing. Either way the damage, her road position and witness statements (I guess you weren’t the only witness) should corroborate the facts of what happened. Of course you’re sympathetic to the biker- it could so easily have been you on the deck. Hope the guy is okay.