Biggin Hill Air Show...this weekend

Is anyone going this weekend???

The weather looks good :slight_smile:

I’ll be standing in my garden waving a random carbonised meat item on a skewer at a typhoon as it tries to take out my chimney.

Cool, i can bring round a some beers and few more items of meat that need carbonising :smiley: :smiley:

Yes deffo going, only on sunday though, want to go sat as well! Going to be a nice day, and monday will be spent uploading piccies to facebook :w00t:

That was fun!

If you think Tornados on afterburner are loud, wait til you hear the Typhoon :slight_smile:

Due to one thing and another, didn’t get down there until 2:30 or thereabouts, just in time to see the DC6 being flown on a wingtip… lots of bikers being cheap and parked up just outside the perimeter fence lol. Actually not a bad plan. I paid my blood-fee and found a nice spot with a decent view of the runway. Yeah, afterburners for the win, love 'em. Thought the Blades had stunning skillz too.

Slung my hook around 5-ish and went to see my old man down the road, nice hooning in the Kentish countryside there and back. Got back home in 1:15 which wasn’t at all shabby. All in all, good day out. :smiley:

Did you see us?

If you were in the wokka, I waved at you :slight_smile:

No, the 88 Fiesta XR2.

What an awesome day! Lots of pics, putting them on facebook today :slight_smile: