Biggest loser

Following on from last night’ conversation at BM, whats the biggest thing you’ve ever lost off the back of your vehicle…

I’ll start the bidding with… a bargain bucket.


A poster of the Mappa Mundi being transported by bike from Hereford

Well, seeing as I already told you :slight_smile: two surfboards on the M25, 8pm Friday night. Caused a 10 mile tailback, made local TV and radio news but luckily no one else involved. They landed on the central barrier. :w00t: boards were fucked but still attached to the roof rack!

Still smiling about this one, sorry :smiley:

Not very big in size but big in cost, My Mobile phone a few months back flew off the craddle on my bike and got run over by a transit van behind me!!

i lost my note 2 out of my pocket a few months back my pal was the best had a expensive tent attacked to the seat on my solo seat vf so it went into the wheel locked the rear and went flying off

is your full stop key broken Ross?

I lost my pillion seconds before I lost my bike? :smiley:


£50 note out of my jacket sleeve pocket.

A Chinese curry, still had the rice.

A suit on the M4, the traffic eventually stopped for me to go and get it amazingly and it was ok.

A large manila envelope when despatch riding.

And a mate lost me off the back when my knee hit the rear of a car turfing me off the bike.

Triumph top box (£400) came off at about 70mph, nice and scratched with a nice big hole in one corner.

you win :smiley:

lost a 4 in 1 bucket once

|Weymouth road roundabout Dorchester. Was given a parking ticket from the old bill because of it aswell :smiley:

I almost lost a spare battery once but I think a water bottle is the only thing that’s gone missing from my back seat.

I tend to use a LOT of bungees.

From the bike I was riding at the time, an old Honda CD200, I lost my top box when I was a despatch rider, back in the early 80’s. I think it came off around Marble Arch, as I heard a few cars beeping away, but was too focused on getting to to my next job.

It wasn’t me driving, I was a passenger in someone else’s car, but…it was a six berth caravan. It was a very old car and a cheaply fitted towing hook, the bodywork around the hook had rusted off and boom, suddenly the thing wasn’t following us any more! Luckily it careened off the side of the road, not damaging anyone or anything other than itself, but the thing was an absolute mess. I remember searching through the remains for our luggage (which we ended up tying to the roof of the car with rope to get it home). I might actually have a photo somewhere, if I find it I’ll scan it.

I had a 38 tonne trailer disappear through the floor of a car park in Kingston as I uncoupled it. British legion and thames water didn’t seem overly impressed!

Two mountain bikes, two bike racks, roof rack and roof rails (all attached to each other) off my Mondeo when I drove into a forest car park and snagged them on one of those barriers.

I really want someone from d’army to say they lost a tank… that would be awsome.

that’d be Stace if anyone, he used to be a recovery dude in the REME.