Big Van Ski Masks and a Cosh

One of my mates has just had his bike nicked, he’s not from the site but fookin hell.

How many has it been recently. How are they physically lifting so many and where the foook are they shifting them too? There’s either a big black hole somewhere or customs and shipping have alot to answer for.

Im all for parking my sports bike in a well known area sat some distance away in a van with a trained camera on the site and a van full of mates in ski masks armed with a cosh. I say beeat the living daylights out of enough of them and change there minds about there fooookin occupation.

i fooookin hate chavs :crazy: hooody little pricks!

If I were not a ‘responsible citizen’ I’d be with ya - where and when?:smiley:

It’s a cunning plan Ryan but if I was you i’d forget the camera as you could well shoot yourself in the foot:P:cool:

not james’s KTM?

i be up for that…i bring my paintball gun and cause some pain (it really hurts if you get shot in the balls:D )

Ouch, far too many going missing lately :frowning: I am sure you’d have many offer’s of help for your plan :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah and i’ll bring my spud gun we’ll show em:D

lol, I got a spud gun for xmas the other day, i’ll bring mine along too :smiley:

Sounds like The A Team:DI know Ratty is Murdock, who’s gonna be BA?;):smiley:

yup i be teh cwazy one! well…we get some gold…a mohican wig…and Chenna can join in!-hes big enough, you seen the size of him!:w00t:

whos gonna be Hannibal? Face… can be ryan, hes a pretty boy:D:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

…and you’d have to keep doing it day after day in different parts of London, with different bikes, because there are more than one gang of bike theives out there

we hardly sound the mean bunch of barstards! it would take :D:D:D

nah its not james KTM! thank god! he’s in Hong Kong at the min and i’d not want to be the messenger of such new to him!!! he’d probably kill me for telling him :w00t: lol

but i reckon he’ll be in for the man with a van game :wink:

Shut up Fool!

In 2002, a crack bike stunt unit was sent to Coventry by a kangaroo court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a grimy midland wasteland to the London Metropolitan underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a stolen bike, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The LB-Team.


Dont gimme no back chat sucka!

love it:D:D:D

You could do this as a kind of ‘hobby’ with people on a rota system - e.g. when they are available to take part - on the other hand the authorities take a dim view of vigilante activity and you could find yourself in the sh1t if you manage to catch one of these f*ckers and give em what they deserve - e.g. breaker bar in the ribs, across the legs a few times - nice idea though. :slight_smile:

Quit your jibba jabba fool!!

It’s terrible and the Police are doing absolutely NOTHING about it. I am livid about not even being contacted by someone at the Police about my theft. Why exactly am I paying thousands of pounds in tax when I get f-all in return???

On a serious note , what about a video’d sting operation set up by us ?

provide all the evidence the police seem unwiling to do ( for whatever reason ) and make a citrizens arrest ? not sure if you can still even do that ?

If they are watching the forums it may make them think twice in case the white transit parked accross from the solo bays suddenly bursts open and a gang of crazed helmets all jump out !

Maybe we should leave the police out all together, I doubt they’d be bothered trying to get a conviction (not a go at police - just a poxy system) as said suspects would be caught red handed - no need for a trial and adopt Islamic law and chop off a hand.