Big up for Ian at Arc-On !

Just a quick post to let fellow londonbikers out there know bout Arc-On gear.

I purchased the full ‘Beyond Cordura’ Arc-On grey suit from Ian just over 2 weeks back. My first Cordura suit ive used for riding since climbing onto a bike 10 years ago. I have been using the suit every working day for a long boring 100 mile commute for the last 2 weeks…

Comfort = spot on !

Ease of use = spot on !

warm and dry = spot on !

Pockets = more than you’ll need !

Value for money = big spot on ! :slight_smile:

Long story short, it is good kit for a great price and it feels good to support a local londonbiker on his endeavours to working for himself…i actually feel like a grown up !! :wink:

cheers for that Ian.

ps…i havent hit the floor in it ‘yet’ so crossing fingers it will hold up as best possible :slight_smile:

Thats great to hear Sach, it has been cold and wet the last few days so it’s good to see that you are holding up to the commute:)

Makes a big difference doesn’t it when you are comfy whilst riding in crap weather.

PJ…you missing me yet ?

You so right bout being comfy in bad weather and although we know the gear is good…lets not forget…i am well 'ard …yeah !! :wink: