Big Thanks to the Chuckle Bros

Thanks Tug & Ben for coming over and putting together me shed today :cool:

Nice to see 2 craftsman at work, you had me in stiches :laugh: It was like watching Laural Hardy and Hardy :smiley:

I can now get to work on me Fighter, well as soon as me shoulder’s a bit better :slight_smile:

Im sure you dont need all that stuff to build a shed.

o cheers guys did me a right one there as ive not had time to get there and do it.

Did you ring the 'LB help build my shed number to get ‘em round’? :smiley:

I was just about to come over and help aswell. Dont worry Tel I’ll pop over during the week and put it up properly. :smiley:

Nice one grim - you crack me up!!!

your very good at ‘talking the talk’ Jason…

You newbies are all the same!