Big thanks to Chunky....

Big thanks to Chunky and everyone else who helped out in arranging today’s beer & bangers event. Both the Captain and myself thought it was a job well done :slight_smile:

And the Captain was extremely upset that he didn’t win the chain lube…or the other chain lube…or the other chain lube …:stuck_out_tongue:

+1:) We won some chainlube!

Thats not fair i wanted those chain lube for my new chain BOOHOO.

But thank you to every one who help organised today’s event, Reece was knocked out before we even got home thats a good sign.

And thank you Foxy for giving Reece the teddy, He’s cuddling up to it now.

Yeah wicked party, was definitely worth coming straight from the bulldog for, apologies for being smelly and muddy! :hehe: Need to go to sleep now tho. :doze:

Well done dude - I know how much you put into it and how hard you worked to make it go well.

Really enjoyed ourselves and Ray is very happy with his new mug :wink:

+2 :slight_smile:

big up chunksta!

nice lil do sir, and i like the band, they were kool!:smiley:

Big up for cHunky wicked evening:D nice to see everyone and lovely to put faces to names, Hope everyone got home safe and sound:)

Thanks again. Had a great time. A little put out I didn’t win a can of chain lube.

Nice one Chunks,

Had a great nite, and real nice to see everyone

And Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy … CHAIN LUBE :smiley:

Thanks darlin’, for a lovely afternoon and evening. HAd a wicked time, and I swear that there was no fixing of the raffle - damn it i didnt win any chain lube either!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

glad i could make this party at the end mate…bloody well done for all that hard work…

my lil bro passed his CBT…so we wen’t for a spin after…then the tom tom took me on some of the best roads i have ever been on from HaverHill to …were ever we were…lol

great to meet Day Release’s son Reece…lovley lil fella…and my heart warmed to him from the offset…;).

good to see everyone there and glad i could get macp’s bikes front wheel in the air!!!

great night and great ride home with jay,tash,and garret…fab.


No chain lube for me either:D

Had a brilliant time (Well done Chunks!)- good to put a face to people and a special thanks to Kevsta…my personal SatNav.

Had a great time there, even sue enjoyed it , nice to see so many again.

Bet I won some chain lube :D:D:D


Well done Chunks! What a great afternoon and evening! Even the kids didnt wanna come home and shed a few tears, esp after finding a new playfriend, Reece!

Great to catch up with people I havent seen in ages, and to get acquainted with the newer faces :smiley:

Also thanks to Tasha for giving my son Cameron that wallet thingy, he loves it! :smiley: Still cant believe we won a prize in the raffle either, Cam’s gonna love that too :w00t:

See you all again at the next one!


Yes! Thank-you ChunkyMonkey! Top effort, great event, thanks a lot mate!

I promise I’ll lube my chain now :slight_smile:

Top night Chunky

Well done fella for all the hard work

Great evening

Was there any food left? seemed like they had cooked a whole cow!!

Good night though - nice one chunks!

Going to buy a scotoiler now - sod your chain lube!:wink:

Cheers Chunks - it was a great night! :smiley:

All the chain lube was gone by the time my ticket came up, well chuffed with the vintage ad though! :w00t::cool:

Absolutely cracking afternoon and evening. Nice to see familiar faces and meet some new ones. Food was really good, the chicken was fantastic. Band was good as well.

Chaos - there was more than one cow, I’m sure I ate one on my own! :smiley:

Bumblebee - glad you got home ok, I take it you found the North Circular ok?

Alice - You need to have a another curry night before you bugger off!

Thanks to all for a great night. :cool: