Big thanks to bikers who helped this morning...

Filtering up the A4 into town on to my first collection of the day, a glaziers Merc Sprinter in lane 3 puts on the anchors to stop for the red light at the junction. A ridiculously gigantic 6x3meter sized, 2cm thick plate glass window sitting on the side of the van in a bracket on near side fly’s out and skates down the road standing upwards for about 10meters straight across the pedestrian crossing before crashing down on it’s side :w00t:

I’m investing in a head cam now regardless of cost!. :smiley:

Depending if you have a warped sadistic sense of humor like my self the event was either a scene straight out of a Final Destination death clip or Benny Hill meets the Road Runner…

Another female biker stopped to help (gutted when she left with out saying goodbye :blink:) then a couple of other blokes. Between us we couldn’t shift it off the road. It weighed an absolute ton. We settled for attempting to fold it in half and drag it the kerb.

Luckily no one was crossing when it happened. Joe public looked on as we all struggled but to be fair it was only doable with gloves and a closed visor to stop the glass splinters from flying into our eyes!.

Roll on Tuesday…

Anyone recommended a good helmet cam? :slight_smile:

WTF!!? Madness!!!

+1 on the WTF?!

What did the glazier do? Sit in his van and watch? Drive off?

You’d assume there would have been 1/2 of them in the van to get unload it/fit it when it got to the destination so they’d have taken care of it themselves?

+1. What were they doing while your were clearing up the glass?

+1. Did you get the van’s VRM number if they did sod all? Technically they’re responsible for this and the driver can get done for not ensuring the glass was securely fixed. If you didn’t, speak to the Police and get them to check the local CCTV, the driver and/or company should be made to clear this up and take a damn good kicking for being so stupid.

It was just one young lad in the white unmarked van. He was bricking it about the Police turning up and giving him a ticket about ‘failure to secure a load’.

He could have quite easily driven off but kept saying “It has to come back with me”. I presume it was worth a small fortune and he didn’t want his boss thinking he’d sold it on.

He did help from the start and blocked off the lane with his van and hazard lights. After we realised we weren’t going to get it very far he returned to the van to get a Stanly knife to slice it up into smaller pieces! PMSL watching him.

I was happy to learn that it was loaded onto the side of the van via a fork lift. I thought my lack of Gym time was starting to show when I failed to lift just a corner of the beast :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy sh!t, that could have been a horrific accident. Thank god no one was killed/hurt. Well done for trying to help :slight_smile:

Bet he doesn’t “fail to secure his load” again HAHA.