Big thank you to Joby

For helping me with my CV thus…getting more job offers than ive ever had…

pint or tea n cake for that man…

your a star and i cant thankyou enough


didn’t know you need a CV nowadays for a job as a man wh0re…

You not showing them your video when you get a guy aroused and wanking himself off to your picture?

1+ joby is a legend

I’m very exited to say…because of him i’m now back at Heathrow airport as of today!!!


thank you so much bud…i owe you BIG!!!

Told you mate, you’ve got mad skills. I’m absolutely delighted to hear this and I’ll catch you on a rideout or the tea hut soon. Best wishes.

what sort of skills? how on earth do you get skills to work in an airport?

congrats too shane!

Well done Shane great news :slight_smile:

Good news matey! I know you seemed quite enthused about working there again last time I spoke to you, glad to hear it has happened for you.

think I need joby to look at my non existant CV.

so what, you clean the terminals when the passengers leave? :w00t:

nah, in all seriousness, congratulations on being back to the job you love mate :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t have posted this shane… now we’ll all be PMing Joby for advice on CVs :smiley:

I might be needing advice on how to turn it into a ‘Dutch’ style CV :Whistling: to start exploring my options in Holland

I landed my job by my skills in graphically describing an epic blow job, and the fact I’m a complete nutter :w00t:

Well done Shane, I know it was getting you down. Nice to see you happy again!

Well done Shane, good on you :slight_smile:

Joby, nice work.

Joby, you da maaaan :cool: