Big Tesco Edmonton/Lea Valley

iI just want to Warn my felow bikers tha By Both entrances of the tesco lea Valley the road as you turn in gets really really slippery when wet. I found this out while in my car as when i went round the corner i started rally driving sliding about I have not had a problem on the bike but i put this down to the fact I know of the problem and slow down accordingly.

This is due to the cars that sit trying to get through at rush hour dropping all their oil on the roads and when wet and hot it comes to the surface

Be careful


Yeah everywhere is very slippy today, light coating of rain ontop of a long dry spell, those manhole covers were like ice, overtook a van and I almost ended up looking at my rear light…!!

My car was sliding around in St Evenage today on the roundabouts that seem to make up half the road system there, quite pleasant, would have hated to be on the bike.

i got a new front tyre fitted to the bandit today, very slippery!

There was loads of diesel around today, made riding to work interesting.