Big shame, DO NOT USE!

Guys and girls i ordered parts from stealth products up north on the 31st jan at the excel show and guess what no parts. i rang all of last week to try and cancel parts but the admin lady wasnt in so today i rang her and she couldnt talk as she was making the tea so i held the line for 30mins and they put the phone down. if i get my money back il be happy if i dont it will be a long drive to go get the money back.


if you paid with visa you can claim the money back…

i hear from a lot of people that there service is p1ss poor.

Their name is pretty appropriate.

So stealth, you never see your products :smiley:

Unlucky dude…Like Frenchy said, try and cancel the order through your card company (unless it was a debit card think).

Ive had problems with these a few years back, i have seen bad reviews on a lot of other forums also,i cant understand how companys like this are still in business !

Have you seen the contact email address…:w00t:

[email protected]

Da Crooks…:smiley:


News update, finally after 3months and threats of legal action and even a solicitors letter and over 150 phone calls to this **** company called stealth products, i finally recieved my brake discs and pads for my GSXR but as ya all know i now have the yamaha r1.

Stealth products have to be the worst company a have ever used, no customer care no call backs etc. all the people i spoke to who worked there all lied to me i finally had to resort to legal action to get my products.