Big Praise

BIG praise to George whites in shoreditch, bought my bike from them and fantastic customer service. First day i noticed the exup valve on the R1 was noisey so spoke to dan the salesman and even with out looking at it he ordered a new part for me and within in the week got it fitted no hassle all under warranty.

So took my bike in for its first service all good but then got a phone call asap saying the camchain tensioner was noisey so no hassle from them or grief etc they ordered me a new part and it gets fitted next week. now thats what us bike owners want from a company, not only are they our bikes our toys and work horses etc they are also our pride and joy and i like that a company can share that enthusiasm we all have.

Finally found a good bike dealer all though in the city its well worth the ride in.

Iain :slight_smile: