I’m not easily impressed but have to put a post here to praise our very own Wasp :D.

I’ve lost more than 3.5 stone in the last year and my leathers were looking pretty sorry for themselves and very much on the large side! Wasp had already done a great job of altering them for me about 6 months ago and I was convinced they were just too big to alter again and get much more use out of.

I’m not finished with the weight loss yet and was dreading the thought of splashing out on new leathers just to tide me over, luckily Wasp is here and has saved me a few hundred notes!!! Since she’s got her mits on them and worked her magic, they now fit me again the way they did when they were new (and I had them custom made!!)

I’m absolutely over the moon with her work on my leathers and also work she has done on my textile gear too, all for a fantastic price. I’ve also crash tested Waps’s work and it more than held up to the challenge :pinch:

Keep up the good work hun :kiss:

Mrs J wants to know how you lost 3.5 stone. Please tell her, Mr J.:cool:


i have a set to drop in to her at some point, i just haven’t got round to it yet :frowning: it can wit until we’re ‘out of season’

i also need my arse taking in on my alpinestars and am waiting until after wales trip to hand em over so i get a new arse…:smiley:

Have you had complaints about your baggy ar*e? Maybe you have been riding too much this season :wink:

Oooh i look forward to that westie my love giggles:smiley:

And i have to say sherrie you looked a treat in them there sexy trousers;)

Yeh the Lad’s said you was a bit Loose, welcome to the massive :wink:

Never had anything adjusted by the Wasp, but I’m sure she’s very good at it :smiley:

Ahhhh but do you need any adjusting terry? :stuck_out_tongue:

how very dare you! well you wouldnt know, crikey…:stuck_out_tongue:

Not to worry westie i’m sure Terrys got a baggier arse than you:D

well done on your weight loss, she woolf :slight_smile: