BIG PRAISE! Feked classic parts

After Woodford Motorcycles’ excellent service in fitting these bad boys I am now the very proud owner of a Hinkley Bonnie that sounds like a Bonnie should - proper twin sound through very minimal baffles - these puppies sound amazing (at least to my ears - not so much the neighbours…!) and chuffed to bits with them. Very friendly staff at Feked, very quick turn around and they arrived looking top notch - the chrome is superb and by far more superior in quality than that of Triumph’s own standard. Triple coated zinc and chrome…whatever…they are great. Nice burble and popping on the over-run…;-))))

If you have a Hinkley Bonneville and wish to change your existing mufflers, I do recommend these though I shall be giving them some time to see how and if performance has suffered - hopefully won’t need to re-jet but will only see flat spots when on the open (non London congested) roads.

Also, re Woodford Motorcycles - I took the bike in because Triumph (un-helpfully) do not sell the muffler support bracket as a single item - you have to by the whole muffler etc…so, Woodford used their magic skills to remove the brackets and re-use them on the Feked ones (nb. the Feked parts don’t come with support brackets and they on’t sell 'em).

Happy as a pig in…