Big Praise and Photos!

Came over to give the fireblade a wash and the gixxer a full going over, the gixxer was very mucky underneath but now she is a shiney as new!

I highly reccomend this guy if you want your bike properly cleaned!!










Which package did you go for… I agree they look very clean! :slight_smile:

who done them?? excellent work by the way :smiley:

Its Mo Clean, if you google him you will find him!

That GIXER looks the bolox

Proof that you CAN polish a turd. And if any could do it Mo-Clean could. Excellent service and stunning results.


Had my ER6 cleaned by Mo when I first got her, was worth every penny. Will get him to clean it again after the winter.

I’m about to get him to come clean the R6. Will he take fairings off? :slight_smile: The kitty litter let her somewhat filthy last year…

He will, if you pay for it :slight_smile: Basically, he’s got different prices depending on the level of cleaning. You’d probably have to fork out £100 to have the fairings taken off. See here:

  • 3;)

beautiful beasts :smiley:

Glad you like her, i tidyed her up a bit, got the harris quick release petrol cap, Renthol bars and akro can for £150 quid. I have not changed the power commander map but as its the end can don’t think i will need to, if i do i will do it on my laptop when we are in almera.

Im really pleased with her now!