Big Praise: Advanced Motorcycle training in the Brecon Beacons

Recently got back from 2 days advanced on road skills training in the Brecon Beacons. Was taught by the lovely Kevin, Chief Instructor at BMW’s on road skills centre (round the corner from the off road centre) - he has a really impressive CV - ex police motorcyclist/ instructor and examiner, joined the VIP squad (royalty/pop stars etc). Since retiring he has been an examiner for both ROSPA and IAM and as mentioned until this month Chief Instructor at BWM training school in Wales. Unfortunately BMW are moving the centre to Hertfordshire, so Kevin is going solo.

He will be specialising in advanced riding skills, ideal if you want to confidently master postioning, cornering, hazard awareness, overtaking etc

Kevin is exceptionally patient, very clear in his instruction, very encouraging and will tailor the course to your exact requirements. He’s also extremely good fun to spend a couple of days with. He took me on some AWESOME roads that left me grinning all day. Since coming back and doing a rideout with Jetstream a couple of guys (who didn’t know that I had been on the course) made a point of complimenting me on the lines I was taking through corners. My confidence and ability have increased noticably and I don’t feel like quite such a newbie anymore.

Contact details as follows:

Kevin P. John

07885 720864

[email protected]

Tell him Ally sent ya!

Sounds like a good instructor, thanks for the info.

have you done a bikesafe yet? would recommend that too. and at £45 an absolute bargain for 90+ miles of assessed riding.

Yes, I did Bikesafe beforehand and I agree it’s one of the best £45 I’ve ever spent.

Kevin is a first class instuctor and knows the Brecon Beacons like the back of his hand, so got to do some absolutely stunning roads. I had wanted to do a Beacons trip and as a newbie wanted some advanced skills training, so this was just perfect to be able to combine the two.