Hole big enough to throw you off, NEW CROSS ROAD about 100 metres past NEW CROSS BR station as approach the shops, nearside of carraigeway,
has been reported but we will see how long it takes to fill the fecker

as you are going out of town towards black heath

If you’re at work when you spot it, then the quickest way to get TFL down there double quick is mention that you’re going to shut the road for safety reasons…:slight_smile:

cheers for the heads up fella. that just by the lights past the walpole pub? been developing for a little while now if it’s the one i’m thinking of

thats the badger,

i might go with the comments above and contact TFL tonight whilst on nights see them crap it then when their busses are late.

yeah could do. alternatively you could just wait til about 6:30 tonight when i pass through and end up in the hole. reckon my hornet should fill it in nicely, plus you save yourself the phone call :hehe: