Big Hello!

Hey all, bumped in to one of your more colourful characters the infamous Barro, and he introduced me to the site…

Names Martin, im 18 got a R6-R (restricted) ((NOT)) from essex, Lakeside to be exact. looking forward to some rideouts and the next newbie day down at Ace. until then ill try and post up some pics.

peace out.


Hello and welcome to LB:D

Wotcha mate your my neck o the woods…Grays:D

Welcome to the madhouse;)

Hey Martin, welcome aboard! Nice bike. Look after it.

We’re due to visit the Lakeside Hammers speedway soon. Been?

Post up a pic or two of your bike in the pics forum for us :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks guys, to wasp i got my bike from graysmotorcycle centre on Southend Road in grays. i live just out in Aveley right near Arena Essex/Speedway (Jay) so whenever your out down there give me a shout and i can help out with the local knowledge if needed e.g. “Fast” FOOD, cheapest petrol etc…

well thanks to the other peeps, and welcome to the madhouse i think u need to watchout for the mad ME :smiley: lol

Catch use down at Borough Market hopefully this wednesday.


Welcome to LB :cool:



Hi :slight_smile:

:)Hi there

welcome to LB

yippeeee another member from out east