Big hello to all

Thought I had better check in here properly as a noo…b so hi everyone I am Geoff and live in Uxbridge……

I joined LB last week after doing the Sunday rideout south with TimR which I really enjoyed :), so much so that I was also on his twisty turny run last Sunday which was also greatly enjoyed :D. So I have already met some LB members in person and I have to say what very nice friendly, welcoming bunch you all have been :P. For the ones I didn’t get to speak with or introduce myself to on Sunday I was the guy on the blue Honda Varadero. I can’t remember everyone’s name as yet, I was trying to find out who was who from the forum posts but can’t work them all out yet but I really look forward to meeting and riding with you all again… All I can say is that I wish I had found LB years ago!!

I remember u~~~lol…u rode next to me after we left Ace cafe.
Im on blue CBR, the young Chinese looking guy…this should remind u my face, lol
nice to meet u, im Abraham. hope to see u on next ride out soon :w00t:

Hi welcome to LB:D

Try get to the Ace monday newbe night, say Hi to some more of us:w00t:

Hello, welcome along Geoff, nice tits by the way

howdy dood. My name is… er …Jaime :smiley:

Hi Abraham… Chinese looking guy aye, yep I recall, wouldn’t have guessed from your name tho! … thanks for the welcome look and look forward to riding/meeting with you again… Geoff

Thanks for the welcome blackbird… I try to get up the Ace Monday meet some more members…

Hi bricking it… thanks for the welcome and the nice comments about my Mrs breasts… I wish aye!:w00t:

Hi Jaime… bladder problems aye:blink: or is it just a hobby! :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome and catch you again…

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi Broady …thanks for the welcome

Welcome to LB (disturbing avatar)

welcome to lb geoff :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome ST3R and Mel… OK changed the avatar;)

Welcome Aboard