Big Fat Biker...

I’ve just seen the biggest biker ever, riding a CB500 near Paddington.
The bloke was so big he looked like a regular sized bloke riding a mini-moto!:w00t:
Really wish I’d got a photo, this bloke made Chunkymonkey look anhorexic!
I honestly have no idea how he even manages to control the bike, or even get on it for that matter!:stuck_out_tongue:

Just sais it all for Honda’s!


What colour bike was it? And did he wear a Shoei Hornet lid? (With a MX peak)

Did it have rim tape?:smiley:

That’s Pyro Henry…One time he got tangled up with a truck and he is so big he didn’t fall off, his jacket just ripped in half.

I used to work with him when dispatching, he used to ride a CX, he’s like a flesh fairing…:w00t:

Seem’s like he’s well know then! LOL
I was about to cross the road when became hurtling down the road at me and the prince! I suddenly wondered whether I would prefer to be hit by him or a double decker bus!?!?! :w00t:
Scared the he’ll out of me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did he also ride a GSX1400?

If its the same guy i’m thinking of, then yeah he rode a gsx1400 for a while too, i used to work with him a while back too, nice guy.

Yup, he’s big.