Big congratulations

Well done to my work mate dave who passed his test yesterday, went out this morning and bought a lovely 2003 r6. :slight_smile:

be carefull bud.:cool:

Well done Dave, My first big bike was also an R6

Well done mate,
R6’s were science fiction when i passed test !!

Well done and happy riding.

Well done!! Lets hope that I have the same news on Monday!! :slight_smile:

Nice1 Dave! …Dave…? …Dave…? Dave, where are you mate? Get online and take the plaudits…Although thinking back to when I was in that position, he’ll probably only be removing himself from said R6 in order to refill the tank and head back out on it!!!:smiley:

Ride safe mate…:wink:

…and good luck to you too!

nice one mate! Enjoy! shiny side up hey :wink: