Big Big Accident on the A40 11am its still closed

I was passing by and there were some dumper trucks and few motorbikes but those were not damage. May be witnesses who stopped. about 20 police and fire brigade any one have any idea what happened.

There are a few posts on here about something that way. Sounds like a fatal of a learner biker after a run in with a truck os some description. Happened much earlier today. Check through the other posts on here, probably get more info that way.

I cant find the posts can you please put the link. these truckers dont give a **** about others.

It’s in the section where it should be - Roadwatch

Thats just down the road from our shop. As I understand it the learner rider was knocked under the truck and tragically killed.

RIP whoever they were and condolences to the family.

Please lets be extra careful out there people :frowning:

Let’s not let the facts get in the way of a sweeping statement;)

I’m sad to say that in the majority of cases where a bike ends up under a truck it could have been avoided by giving the truck a wide berth and respect for its size and the driver’s blind spots.:crazy:

Again it’s down to experience and training. It’s so sad that by the sound of it, this time it was a learner who obviously hadn’t the benefit of that experience:(

Agree with the Chunk on this one…Many bikers ride too close behind trucks and cannot be seen by the truck driver…If the truck stops suddenly then you’re going under it if you’re too close…If you filter between trucks in another blind spot and the truck changes lane, you’ll be clipped or squished in between if there is another vehicke next to you…I’ve done these things, but try to avoid getting too close nowadays.RIP rider.

Yuk. That whole place is a nightmare, but tragically another death won’t make a toss of difference to the itinerants, hooligans, hopelessly lost tourists, reps in a hurry, wide boys making points and locals who can’t drive.

Regrets that someone lost their life so pointlessly and easily.

Not good.

I know it has probably been covered before x1000 but one thing to be aware of - if you can’t see their eyes in their mirrors - they can’t see you.

RIP poor fella :crying:

Was just next to where I work RIP and condolences to the family :frowning: