Biaggi getting it on

Mebbe this is what he’ll be doing a lot of in 2006 LOL



I’ve seen video of him on a motard track. As you would expect from one of the greatest riders in the world, he’s pretty good!

BTW does anyone remember when John K, took a year out from GP racing? He spent it learning to race jet-ski’s. Then in 2006 he had a go at WSB and finished 3rd (on a Ducati that blew up several times while he was at the front of the pack). 2007 he won the title, making “KING” Carl Faggety look like a tit on the way.

I hope Max comes back in a similar fashion.

I’ve seen Biaggi before do Supermoto, and man, he looked smooth and fast! I can’t see him doing it though, the wages won’t be high enough, and there won’t be loads of celebs to pamper his ego

He just rides the motard for fun.

It’s a pity Max NEVER learned to shut his mouth as well as he learned to ride a motorcycle…no denying his talent on some days. Unfortunately, no one can stand to be around/work with him. :shrug

Can’t believe that there have been 4 replies and no one mentioned his leathers

Maybe they blinded you with there nastyness

I’ve seen Funner’s, so I’m immune to such-like!

They are both simular in the Yak factor I’d agree