Bhagdad ER

If anyone has HBO on demand you have got to watch this it is about a US medical centre in iraq, there is no biased in this what so ever, nothing about hatred for the taliban not about the war just their jobs…

It is by far the best bit of tv documentary I have seen in a very long time, even bought a tear to my eye there is one scene with 2 wounded soldiers holding each others hands which I think summed it all up.

BE WARNED though this is not for the faint hearted there is very little editing when it comes to the OR.

this stop’s airing on the 10th of this month, but it is a defo must watch

HBO produce some great TV

just going to bump this as it finishes tonight and I really feel people should watch it before it disappearss

is it on sky or virgin or the net ?

it is HBO on demand I would have thought all your above would have it.

really good watch though

warning you will see some nasty wounds

I feel thick…I cant find the show anywhere on sky and it seems that you have to pay to watch it on the net