BHAAAAA, first the pedestrian and now a car!!!!!!

As if wondering pedestrians were not enough last week some bloke decided to try and take me out in his car this morning. Bimbling along Blackfriars Rd heading north to the bridge. As those of you who use it know it is a wide road with two lanes and cars generally (as they do) stick to the right hand lane (so they can get there quicker cause it’s the right hand lane innit!!)). Anyhow, overtook a bus at a stop pulled back into the left lane and about 20 yards further on a nice gentleman in hs silver Focus decided that the 5 cars in front of him were not going fast enough for him and that the left lane offered more speed, so he went for it. What he also went for was poor old me who just happened to be there at the time. I saw him come over so had time to steer left and collide at a very oblique angle with his car scratching the cr*p out of the side of it and my hand huards sent his mirror flying (thank the Lord for hand guards, they have saved my pinkies twice now).

So there I was wobbling like a bloody jelly and heading for the pavement. Managed to stop in time panting like a winded monkey. Mr Ling (not his real name) is sat half in and half out of his lane with a suprised look on his face, that changed when I beckoned him over. Echanged details whilst he appologised and got the usual SMIDSY. Damage to his car- front and back door panels crumpled, wing mirror in a million pieces. Damage to the DRZ- Broken indicator £5.

What’s up with people and have any of you taken a hit out on me?

if i had been there 5 mins earlier i could have given you a hand mate

Have you ever heard of public transport dude?

Going to get both of you tomorrow night!!!

Sorry to hear that mate I know how you feel, I had a simillar fate a little while ago…

hit off bike and rear ended twice in car on the same week !

Feels like [email protected] and the excess costs… NOT FAIR…

At least you are in one peice albeit shaken.



chase me chase me :benny hill theme tune in background:


what Lou…surely not!!!

Had a close one this morning mesef - Classic transit driver just pulls out from kerb, no indicator… luckily I revved up , he heard me and sheepishly slamed them on.

No swearing on line please…

i would rather be seen in a fat bird than a bus…

It must be the weather, was going the other way down Blackfriars rd this morning heading home and had 2 cars pull into the right hand lane just as I was overtaking, nothing in the left hand lane either ???


Going to claim?

If so, I guarantee the gutless swine will say it wasn’t his fault. There is no honour these days, better off taking the law into your own hands.

Blackfriers road is a nightmare, i am sure it is a magnet for all the t wat head drivers in london. they all drive around with their eyes closed and their feet flat on the floor

No, will cost me a fiver to fix my indicator. Wait to see what he does of course. He admited liability at the time but people have a wonderful habit of forgetting that when their estimate comes in.

a fiver…a fiiiver, is that thing bomb proof

Yep, pretty much indistructable, hard to believe by looking at the guys car!!

Damn, bad luck John, but also good luck for staying upright! Gotta love the DRZ for damage-limitation eh? Glad you’re not hurt…

QUOTE: . . . Exchanged details whilst he appologised and got the usual SMIDSY. . . END QUOTE

I bet you felt like smacking him when he said he didn’t see you… “NO? WELL YOU WON’T IF YOU DON’T LOOK, WILL YA, YOU [email protected]
They make you sick don’t they.

Glad you’re OK.

i like it!

glad all is ok!!

those DRZ’s are quality, put my mates DRZ400e the wrongway upside down back to front down a motorcross track and there was nothing wrong with it!! i would have one if i had the money!!!

Cheap as chips they are, just look on eBay.

He did say SMIDSY and I asked how he didnt see a big fat bloke on the worlds tallest bike with a massive headlight and he mumbled something so I told him why he didnt see me is that he didnt bloody look. I managed to avoid ploughing into him because I anticipated his actions and noticed that he hadnt looked in his passenger side mirror or rear view mirror. I also mentioned that if he had have done that 5 seconds later he would have had a bus up his arse but he then noticed the damage to his car and went slightly wobbly!!!