BH Monday Rideout to Beachy Head - August 27th ---- SO SORRY....CANCELLED


First ride out thread:

Another ‘infamous’ ride out on the date above. Looking forward to the banter and lets hope some older LBers come along…(i.e. Mo)

Last year it didn’t happen due to some idiot buying a KTM Supermoto with a range of 45miles so this ride out was a silly idea.

This year, I’ve though about it…bought an RSV4 with a tank range of err… not too much more - Lets hope Rusty99 comes along

Leave Oakdene at 10am prompt, full tanks, empty bladders, from the layby accross the road.

Unfortunately, this ride will not be suitable for 125`s, Slow Harleys or knobbers (excluding Jetstream) or sheep straying bikers.

This year the correct route will be taken. Cornerman in operation.

Would love the more ‘distant’ LBers to come along and show their heads.

Looking forward to this one. :smiley:

you going on your own again? like last time:w00t:

I have the lay-by where you rode off and left us in stored in the SatNav so we will be ok :hehe::hehe:

Good to know Mo, thanks pal :cool:

I’d come on the KTM to be your friend at fuel stops but I cherish the place where my hip joins to the rest of my body too much to ride it to Beachy Head…

If it’s dry I’ll tag along on the GSR :slight_smile:

I may come along to hold your hand at the petrol stations being in the same boat !

Oakdene ? google dont help ,unless its the guest house in surbiton !

Ah,think i found it. Is it the oakdene cafe near brands ?

yes, that’s the one

i was hoping you was doin this on the sunday lewis:), mind you I could set of on sunday , you ought to have a pre rideout barby on the sunday!!I could crash out, and would’nt have to get up so early monday morning. :smiley:

Rosso PM Mel haha

no I cant take rejection anymore!!:hehe:

Yea, well be out nobbing like nobby stoats. Julie says well try to keep the front wheel on the tarmac this time.
Are we doing the Beachy Head jump this year?:crazy:

Well if Lou Lou performs his leader duty like last time HE will be!:w00t::hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno if i wanna come on this, that feckin turning getting out of the pub, i soooo nearly dropped the bike! we’ll see … :slight_smile:

Would love to be the jerry can mule, but looks like gonna have to work.:angry:

would love to but im going to be on the operating table that day

excellent ^^^^ wish you all the best

why no 125’s?

Wish I could join in
Alas, some other selfish [email protected]$tard is getting married

Why do my friends always get married when ride-outs are happening? :crazy:

If I have my big bike by then I’d love to join. BH is on my to-see list :slight_smile:

The pace will be too fast;)