Beware of !@$##$ nazi airport security!

So last weekend the woman and I went to Stansted to fly to Germany for the weekend. No big deal, free parking for bikes in Long Stay carpark zone D, check in and I ask “Is it OK to bring our helmets on the plane?” Ryanair woman says yes no problem, and off we go, with our lids stowed away in the overhead compartment.

On the way back however after a brilliant weekend the check-in staff at Luebeck Airport took a dim view of us bringing our lids – You Kannot Take Ze Helmets On Ze Airplane!!! “We came with them so we’ll leave with them” didn’t make any sense to them, they insisted we check them into the hold as luggage where they’ll bounce them around, probably ruin 'em, and make us wait for them on the other side.

Nonwithstanding the fact people were taking much larger bags than our helmet on board, they wouldn’t let us do it. When asked why they said “it’s policy” and “they might roll out of the overhead compartment and fall on somebody’s head”. What total cobblers!

Anyhow, we grudgingly complied but the lesson is BEWARE OF GERMAN AIRPORTS!!

I’ll go and get a set of Givi side cases for my bike now so I can keep the lids with the machine the next time…

Ah, but you were singing “two world wars and one world cup” repeatedly as you walked up to the check in desk !

Remember to sneak in next time when they are invading Poland!

So, you put them in the hold on their own? I’m not sure I’d like to wear mine after that, and I’d definitely be writing a very stern letter to whatshisname, the guy who owns the company. I’ve flown with Ryanair, Easyjet, BA and Alitalia with my lid, and they’ve normally stored it in the staff quarters (there’s a cupboard for crew jackets, and my lid normally stays there for the duration). I’ve never even had to ask if it’s OK, and am usually not the only one with a lid with me, there are even peeps in leathers on the Italian planes.

that surprises me as I’ve taken my helmet on board with Emirates no problem ( 4 times now ) … All the times it was in a helmet box but for the sake of £1 I’ve never had any issues. I guess when they cant actually see what it is they just treat it as hand luggage. Out of sight out of mind as they say.

Its been worse for one of my mates who thought it would be a good idea to pet one of the dogs on patrol of the departure lunge at Stanstead. It was a drugs dog, who promptly sat down in front of them.

The handler beleived them to be carrying so they were all subjected to a FULL body search. Shall we just say they needed pillows for the flight out.

That’s all ok guys but for us foreingners it’s worse! I have been let on my under panths 3 times now, one in heathrow, one in gatwick and one at Calais.

Even on Easyjet I have to do the check in and then go to their desk to be checked in the Computer before get my boarding pass. Every time I arrive in UK I have to go through loads of questions and explane the same story over and over. I have been to Spain 17 times this year and every time I arrive there I have to say why, even though I owe properties over there and have the Spanish Insurance Number. Back in UK I have to explane why I was in Spain.

In April I delayed my plane for 20 minutes becouse of questions. It was easier for them to wait than unload my luggage. I know other plople that don’t have to go through this, why me? No jockes ok! lol

Little note! It still happening even when my wife is with me, she’s English.

I have been asked from my pets name to what’s my preferid colour. Once I told that I had 5 cats the officer asked which one was my preferid one? perhaps to confirm with my wife later on.

Maybe it’s the amount of times I travel? Perhaps my half Lebanese background? My latin look? I don’t care they have a computer system, they should use it! If they have a particular issue with me? They should ask me in the home office and solve it for all! I’m always polite but they are forcing me to apply for the british citzenship, which I’m considering to give some thought… England has to learn how to play futebol though, lol

Bummer. I didn’t have a problem when travelling to France. It was in its Shoei bag slug over my sholder. Maybe if you didn’t have a bag and were walking round with it they might have got a bit suspicious.

I’d definitely have kicked up a fuss. It is very fragile, safety equipment that would most certainly be damaged in the hold of a plane. If there was one chip I’d sue for a new lid.