Beware It's Black Friday

Worst Day On Roads…:crying:

black friday


I can believe that actually … what with me riding like a twonk and half asleep drivers this morning t’wasn’t a nice ride at all … think I’ll leave after six :Whistling:

I had to get the train into work this morning cos I’m out on the lash tonight. 9 quid for a zones 1-4 one day travelcard :angry:
Spend part of the journey reading a print off of the ‘cornering’ guide on here :slight_smile:

holy sh1t!! is that how much its gone to…

Yeah cos it’s before half 9 in the morning :angry:

It’ll go up again in the new year no doubt. One year, my monthly card (zones 1 to 3) went from £90 to £93.50 or thereabouts. Not a bit change in money terms, but proportionately, vast.

Funny that. Yesterday was a nightmare ride in to Brent Cross, but today it was a blast.

But going home tonight? Hmm could be a different story.

Proportionately vast ??? that’s a less than 4% increase !! :crazy:

It’s a lot of cash for sure; and when the alternative’s to pay £8 C-charge, then you understand why there’s still so many cars in Central London.

Humm, yeah almost had an accident today…coming round a congested hydepark corner onto park lane beautiful double left then right the left combo, bit frustrated and was riding a bit too close to a mini, went to pull out to the outside lane, indicated, did lifesaver, just as mini braked, quick swerve and all OK, but a bit of a ‘ohmegawd’ situtation…

Not sure about black friday, felt more like “I need new winter trousers pretty damn soon” friday to me

Was considering peeing myself so I could warm up :smiley:

its always black friday especially at 7pm heading up the a40 to the ace!!:smiley:

Ahhh now ya see that is why I am doing my midnight Brighton run, leaving sunny Blackheath at midnight tonight for brekkie at about 1.30am in Brighton at the Market diner… Should be a warm one :w00t: :smiley: But it’ll officially be Saturday so it’ll be ok :smiley:

Lot of cash ? Even if you never use public transport at the weekend it’s still under £4.50 a day, doesn’t sound much to me.

know what ya mean i went out and bought sum sexy thermals today :smooooth:

Its £11-something where I am (zone 1-6)

£15.30 for me Zone 1-5 - a weeks petrol!Yesterday and today have been the quietest days of the week - got from Kensington to Dartford in 40 mins last night - Its a nice change riding home without massive jams or an accident :smiley:

that’s the first thing I said after buying one…“thats 1 weeks worth of petrol” LOL!!

No it’s not a lot… there’s no pleasing some people is there… £4.50 a day is peanuts compared to the real costs of riding a bike into London daily, but we only see & think about the petrol costs don’t we…!?

Me… well I’m quite happy to pay whatever I have to so I dont have to sit on pi$$y chewing gum covered train seats, glad I no longer go into London other than for “pleasure”… I quite like my 5 mile commute outside the M25… tis a hard life innit :slight_smile: :smiley:

So it looks like darrylj wasn’t too wrong on that one - what happened on the M25/M4 junction, eh? Total nightmare to be caught in.

I popped down to Brighton (in the car, had the kids) and had a lovely little run back via A281, only spoilt by the constant “this would’ve been much more fun on a bike” thoughts that rattled round my skull.