Beware if your in the Old Street area

If you’ve seen some of my previous posts you’ll know I’ve had one bike stolen and another attempted theft which required £230 of repair.

I brought the bike into work for the first time yesterday since the repair, but parked it in front of the office in the bike bay instead of behind in our parking space. I chaned the back wheel to one of the metal bike hoops.

I kept checking the bike ever now and again out of the window, trouble is I’m on the fourth floor, good view but slow responce time.

Anyway I get down to the bike after work and sitting on a bike not 3m from my bike is a youth on a push bike wearing the same grey jogging bottoms but different hooded top as the scrote that stole and attempted to steal my bikes. I couldn’t be 100% sure it was the same bloke but as I stared at him he rode off talking on his mobile.

I then unlocked my bike from the hoop and was putting the chain in my bag when I look over my shoulder and he’s back sitting on his bike on the phone but further away this time and still looking at me.

I’ve had a word with one of my mates in the force and he said the prefer Supermoto’s, these are nicked by the youths to order for others to do robberies on.

So if you have a Supermoto and are in the Old Street area tighten your security, I think I have solved my security problem, I put the bike in the goods lift and it is now with me on the 4th floor :smiley:

Genius! :wink: :smiley:

OOOOH this makes my blood boil when these little scrotes are eyeing up other peoples belongings can’t someone go chase him and nick his phone…either that or ram it up his a**e sideways:crazy: Had to laugh at you taking your bike up in the lift i used to do that years ago when i lived in a high rise block i used to take my Rd upto my flat and park it in the hallway:D

Indeed, that’s brilliant…Can’t beat that for security. :slight_smile:

It’s terrible.

Thanks for the warning though. I’m meeting a friend who lives around there on Friday night, and have been wondering all week about whether I should take the bike or not for that reason as I would have to park it in a bay.

It’s terrible though that people will stop riding in town because of this :frowning:

There are bays I know of in the area with bars on them that you can chain to. If you want locations, please PM me. Gabs.Agreed that its w@nk.

powerpuffgirl (25/02/2009)

There are bays I know of in the area with bars on them that you can chain to. If you want locations, please PM me. Gabs.Agreed that its w@nk.[/quote]This was in the bay outside Sommerfields on Old Street that has bars, it was chained to one but this didn’t seem to matter to the thieves.

nice… :frowning:

powerpuffgirl (25/02/2009)

There are bays I know of in the area with bars on them that you can chain to. If you want locations, please PM me. Gabs.Agreed that its w@nk.[/quote]These kids tried to take a KTM from outside my office, even though it was chained to a 6’ high steel fence!I’m in clerkenwell and I can be outside my office in less than 5 seconds so if anyone wants to park up around here I will get my reception to keep an eye on it for you as they do mine.all credit to them we caught the guy and it was because they were looking out for other peopls bikes as well as our own…

I live just around the corner from where you park. I’m lucky to have a garage though. If I catch these scrotes trying to do this to anyone’s bike, action will be taken!! Rasta has had bikes (Gixxers) stolen from there too, but he has managed to get a garage now.

Just a heads up to anyone parking around Fitzrovia area. Saw a gang of lads hanging around the bike bay around 7pm in Bolsover Street today. I recognised a couple of them as the same lads I saw a few weeks ago shoplifting in the Sainsburys round the corner(!). They sidled off when I walked over. Of course I’m not suggesting these lads are bike thieves (who knows they might have been truanting school kids just nicking food for kicks in their lunchbreak- everyone does that when they’re young, right!? ;)). If they are bike thieves I would be suprised if they tried to steal from that particular bay as it is directly overlooked by the Villandry restaurant picture window…but you never know. I suppose what arose my suspicion was the way they moved off when me and another biker returned to our bikes. If they had just been standing there having an innocent chat why would they wander off as soon as someone approached? Anyway, If you see them you’ll know what I mean. Two or three of them invisible under all-enveloping hoodies, plus one white guy with short red hair and one tall black guy. :cool: