Better visibility at night?

Looks there might be some good progress in night visibility department

How does a light on the rim of a spinning wheel get wired in to the battery?

Ah, wait. Think I get it now - glow in the dark rim tape with a uv light mounted on the frame to charge it up?


expensive for what it is. and the LEDs only have a years warranty,

is rim tape available as UV tape already, then could just get a cheap UV LED system off ebay for half the cost. or i guess could just spray UV paint onto the rims.


UV tape

UV lights-

It works by fixed LEDs fitted to the bike which excite the illuminating strip on the wheel as it passes. Having seen it in action on a bicycle that travels up the A24/A3 it is bloody impressive and very visible, and not just from the side. Any angle apart from dead ahead or behind allows you to see the excited stip on the far side of the wheel. As you are almost never directly behind another moving vehicel you can always see the illuminated strip.

BTW, it does look like magic!

I’m getting flashbacks from the tron movie.


Please do not get me wrong now (as most usually do), I’m not against this idea. But why always instead of source of problem we try to fix the other side? Instead of texting, reading, chatting, just bloody focus on operating heavy machinery. Make sure you can see through all your windows, and in all your mirrors (surprises me how many people are steamed up inside the box, or have “privacy glass” so private that they can’t see sh… outside the car), make sure everyone can see you (yes put the f… headlight on you cheap sh… you are not saving any petrol and bulb).

We can put the neons as this “Think bike” campaign, if you looking at your phone or playing with your super fancy stereo nothing will help.

</end of rant>