better route to borough market?

i do enjoy seeing everyone on wed night, however i hate the ride into borough.

I live on the A4 near heathrow, and the most direct route is straight up the A4, which to be honest, bores the crap outa me (not to mention getting hot and bothered, the bike heating up to much filtering through and dodging traffic the whole way.

no nice roads, no nice straights, it usually ends up the whole way- traffic.

anyone got any better suggestions?

Or i might start getting the train in, least i can read the paper! :w00t:

take the Tourist route

go through Holland Park, Notting Hill, Bayswater, Hyde Park Corner, Backingham Palace, Traf Square, Westminister (dont forget to throw a shoe)

Like he said, but try going through Chelsea, Kings Road, then through towards Buckingham Palace, The Mall, Trafalgar Square, through Cumberland Avenue, down The Embankment, over Southwark Bridge and down to Borough Market! :wink:

The options are limitless! :smiley:

mix it up abit stevie boy!

i love a good ride round london town, watching it all going on…

i tend to come along the south bank, dull ash dishwater ride but im normally late so go the quickest route…

Steve, what I suggest is that you write ‘Borough Market’ down on a piece of paper. So when you try your new route and get a little lost, people will understand where you’re trying to get to! :w00t:

But on a serious note, Lusty and I will be going to borough from Hammersmith at 9 - if you fancy tagging along for a more fun ride.

just FYI, everyone who’s heard I get lost on the way to BM every week, it’s cos I’ve been taking the A105 instead of the A10 by mistake

2 is company 3 is…


lol - just doing my bit for those who are struggling to pick the language up. :hehe:

Guys, I am dissapointed that none of you took this opportunity to try and get Steve completly lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Your more than welcome to tag along with me mate, seeing as you live across the road from my work:w00t:

I will be leaving here about 6pm so could meet you at the Shell garage seeing as i need fuel.

I think my route is pretty much the same as yours anyway but its your call.

nah, we like steve!

Go through saff lunnen, it’s seenic, they see, they nic, Always a good ride, South Circ to Dulwich up through camberwell, E n C and you’r there. :cool:

PJ, was it you on the M4 this moring about 8:40 near J5 heading east?

i aint as stupid as some people might think, i know london better than allot of people on here :wink:

thanks for the offer pj, but think i might take a wee detour somewhere.

9pm is too late, ill be dying to get outa here by 6!

That’s a nice offer mate, but you’re forgetting that Steve rides like old people f**k!!! You’d lose him by the end of the road! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Like he’s gonna keep up with you:w00t:

More than likely fella, was i making good progress :w00t:

Steve if you want a really interesting route down to BM, try not using the roads.

Go on the pavements and have fun dodging the lemmings! :smiley:

No, you were going so slowly I thought you had broken down:PI couldnt really tell, I was heading the other way in a car with the space saver wheel on (long story and not a good start to the day). I kept forgetting I had it on - it says to stay under 50KMPH, think I saw 90mph on the clocks at one stage:Whistling: