Better late than never...

Hi all,

Just a quick one to say hello. Came across purely by chance. Was up at the Ace a couple of weeks ago, tucking into my brekkie, when this friendly chap came over and asked if I was with Londer Bikers. I said something like “no, sorry mate”, and left it at that. I guess I should have asked him then what London Bikers was all about, but I was too intent on getting grub down my neck. Anyway, I did the Google thing, found the link to the site, and registered. Hoping to get along to some LB events in the near future. I ride a Ducati Monster Metallic (it’s got one of those shiny tanks), and I’ve got a Shoei Blue Dragon helmet, so if you see me around, please say hello.



Hey Nash, welcome aboard! Glad you took time to find us. Post up some photos of your bike in the Pictures forum for us!

Thanks, Jay. I’ll dust off the old camera and get some pics on here as soon as I can.



hello matey!!! welcome and hope to spot your monster soon!

Hi Nash… you can also get your butt down to the Ace tomorrow night for Newbie night and meet even more of us if you’re brave

Theres a link in Events & Meetings??? …somewhere.

Thanks to Westfazer for the welcome. And also to GSXRAng. I did see the events calendar, and noticed that tomorrow night is a Newbie night, so I might have to drag my backside up to the Ace. Thanks for the invite.


Hi Nash - Welcome to LB.

Thanks, SheWoolf.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks, Johnp.


Welcome aboard

See you at the Ace

welcome to lb,

Thanks to grimbusa and tug 1400 for the welcome.



Welcome Nash!

Im sure you’ll feel right at home here. Cya up the Ace sometime!

welcome to the site

hello and hope to see you at newbie night tomorrow

sj x

Welcome Matey!!