Better late than never....HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!

Hi folks, I joined this site a few months back and dissapeared for a while hence why alot of you are probably asking yourself who this weirdo is saying Happy New Year so late LOL…for those that know me I just wanted to say Happy New Year and appologies that I haven’t been very active on the board. Most people that know me will know that I’ve been busy with the arrival of my son Harry who was born on the 29th November.

Here’s a more recent picture of the young terror if anyone was interested.

Hope all else is well and I look forward to chatting to you lot again on a more regular basis.

Bests - Sunny.

Congrats with Harry, Sunny And thank-you…

We all thought you’d turbo’d up that R1 and gone for take off

Happy New Year mate and congrats on the gorgeous little one…Where’s his leathers?..Never too young you know

Same to you

Cool socks BTW

Thanks Jay! Hope all is good at your end mate.

Afro - How you doin bro!? I will turbo the bike mate deff…but must finish my drag car this year. All good at your end? We should hook up sometime…show these gixxer boyz what R1’s are about.

Grim - long time to speak mate. Hope both yourself and the other half are doing well. I see you spotted the ‘future biker’ socks.

Hi Sunny! Harry’s looking like a right dude already, lol. Although we’ve spoke recently, it’s good to see you online

Have you bought Harry`s first bike yet.

Hes soooo cute ! Welcome back OB x

Hi Sherrie, was good to catch up with you the other day…I am glad things are going well for you and remember to let me know when your new bike arrives.

Johnp - I am on the case mate, he’s a little too small for a mini-moto still. LOL

Thanks Weeannie!