Best wireless earbuds?

Any recommendations for Bluetooth buds that work with a helmet?

@AndyCr15 might have an idea. I know he was trying a few.

I was looking for a while but most of the ones I came across I couldn’t justify the cost for my limited mileage. I remember seeing some over ear ones on a guy on a train and found out what they were. Can’t remember them but i did post here… If I can find the thread, I’ll post it back

Here it is: Bluetooth earphones

They were Shure and they looked like they didn’t stick out at all…

The hook over ear ones make your ears stick out more, not very comfortable when being squashed by a helmet.

It’s dearer, and more of a faff to install, but you won’t regret putting a Sena kit in your helmet.

Connects effortlessly every time, calls are crystal clear, intercom works a treat, battery life lasts for ages. I charge mine once a week whenever I remember to.

ive never found a pair small enough not to hurt

A device like this will add blutooth to any set.

I’ve found Etymotic to be the best brand for inside a helmet as they don’t protrude much.

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Now that’s very handy!

I’ve got a scala rider QZ in one of my lids, works really well costs about £75 there is no intercom function though as it is purely for single riders. but cam make/tale mobile calls etc

I have a pair of these which I use on my other lid and they work really really well.

Just need to keep them out of the rain, but fit under my jacket really well.

I bought these

You can pair then to 2 channels (sat nav device and iPhone for music), battery life lasts a day in the saddle and the sound quality is as good as any earbuds I’ve owned. Combined with some comply foam tips I’m well happy with them. If I loose them or they break (they’re well made though) they’re cheap enough to replace without batting an eyelid. I’m not interested in taking calls when I’m on the bike so these were perfect.

Don’t do it peoples! I’ve got tinnitus from listening to music on my bike. It’s not nice…just don’t do it!


I got mine a long time before listening to music on bikes was possible. In my case from wearing a very noisy Shoei lid for years and too many bars with loud music. And yes, I really wish I had taken more care.

this is why I bought my molded ear plugs! and usually have my tunes on an ambient volume rather than death metal volume

I’ve worn custom earplugs since 2002 but still have damaged hearing :neutral_face:

I had similar…seems like the best option. I was just wondering if anyone came up with anything better as tech changes fast. Thanks Ad

no worries mate. took me a while to find a pair that synched to 2 channels, especially at a price I was willing to pay

This has gotten me nervous now. I don’t take any precautions with my hearing on my motorbike… and I work in a noisy environment.

Definitely going to buy some custom earplugs now.

I put a 95db can on my bike and custom earplugs are a must. I use Hearology in Southwark which is not far from the BM meet.

I also get my hearing checked with them once a year. Seems sensible in the circs.


I found a pair of these in Asda for £11 and they sound just fine and squeeze right in your ear so don’t press on the inside of your helmet .

Problem solved…hopefully…

Hey Joby - I didn’t realise such a thing existed. I’ve bought that now and think it is brilliant. Thank you.

I use it with my Soundear by Ultimate Ears, and also with the standard headset that comes with the mobile.