Best stuff. Track stand and chain cleaners.

Christmas again and bluddy present time again.

O.K. Son has now left home and having to keep his own bike fettled for the daily 40 mile commute, so:

1: What’s the best track stand on the market?
2: What’s the best bit of chain cleaning kit on the market?

It’s all subjective really as there is a lot of good stuff out there:-

I use Micron Paddock stands front and back (with hooks) although i also use an abba stand for longer jobs.

Wurths dry chain lube

Muc off Chain doc and cleaner for the chain.

All work for me:)


A Kettenmax is a nice quick and clean way to get the chain shiny, a bit pricey but worth it imo.

Bought him a decent stand and a Chain Doc. Aba stand looks good and I might get one for myself, then son can have my stand as a front lifter. (He can buy his own bobbins!)

Kettenmax cleaner looks good. Stuck it on my Christmas list. You never know what Santa might deliver.

(Never yet delivered the KTM though. Bustard.)

Thanks guys.

The ketten max looks like it works similar to the Muck off cleaner / luber. It seems a bit better put together though which is nice !

Yeah, it’s pretty sturdy.

I don’t use it for lubing though - just for cleaning then spray on the chain lube in the usual way.

monkimark : That seems a bit daft. At least using it a a lube “box” means you don’t end up with an oily floor (Because you’ve forgotten to put the newspaper down again!) or a well lubed back tyre. Never a good move.

I have bobbins on my zx9, I just use axle stands if I want to prop it up. works perfectly well and there’s less to trip over

I use spray on chain oil with a rag behind it and rub it in, seems better that way because the box is all oily/full of parafin from the cleaning. It’s not liquid enough to spill on the floor anyway.

You could empty/wipe out the box.

I prefer Wurth chain lube (oil/PTFE based) and that’s not sticky. Great rear tyre lube though for those feeling adventurous.