Best Sport 600 2008?

Is this going to be the best looking sport 600 for 2008? Photo taken at the NEC bike show.

Looks really beautiful, amazing cos it’s white!


Yes! Even I would have one, despite it technically still being blue and white :smiley:

not if its based on styling, they’ve ruined the nose of it

As a zuki fan I’m sorry to say it didn’t float my boat at the show.:blink:

I really liked it, again, a bit small for me, and maybe the R6 looked better, and the ZX6R fitted my frame better, but like the nose. I would go for the 750 though, same geometry more power :cool:

No pillion seat. Nowhere to put your shopping. What’s the point?:smiley:

No, it’s going to be this baby…


I like it in blue/white :slight_smile:


That Gixxer looks like a Transformer with a bad gas attack.

Well I’d say the 675 of course, but I know that’s not a real 600.

So otherwise I’d say the CBR600 but I do like the blue R6 - have to have a good look at one in the flesh.

It’s a nice bike, but it seems a bit over worked on the design point of view, Its starting to get a bit organic( bug like), the side fairing panel is so fussy.
Also I do not like the double kinked exhaust at all, seem very much like an after thought.
I do like the colour combo!:slight_smile:

looks wise, i’d have to agree with you on this one. hope they dont screw with it next year like they did the 10

Kawasaki Ninja!

Is it me or do tey all look the bleedin same?:stuck_out_tongue:

675 would get my vote:cool:

You’ve got excellent taste in bikes CM, I second that of course :smiley:

Apart from the 675, I was most impressed with the GSX-R, I really liked the nose, not sure about the fat can on the side, but the eagle looking eye is gooooood.

are you drunk again mel? :beer

As the 675 isn’t strictly speaking in the 600 class :wink:

The best 600 for road use (and probably track use unless you are a track god in which case the R6 is top dog IMO), the CBR 600 RR is still top.

It may not look as radical as some of the other bikes, but in real world tests, it has proved to be top of the pile.

It’s amazingly comfortable when I sat on one for a bike that basically looks like a wedgie.