Best route to sell damaged bike?

Continuing from my earlier post on getting my bike damaged, its now time to get rid of it. Just trying to establish if the bike is worth anything at all anymore.

The bike Honda CB500S 2001 was worth around £500 with all its dents and stratches, but now after the van came to harass it, it needs at least new brake disk, right footpeg to get it back to road. It has scrathes on bost side panels, exhaust, dent in tank, engine paint is peeling quite bad, rusty bits here and there. The exhaust was originally black, which is is now gone and now the downpipes are all covered in rust. Sad looking bike now.

So do you think its worth trying to sell or should I just get rid of it in bike breakers? Thinking of replacing the bike with 05-7 bandit or similar.

with what you got paid and bike damage would prob go the breakers route

How’s £100 sound?

Oldguy was looking for a cheap ratty bike for a mate of his .

I was thinking of breakers as well, but if anyone is interested to get a cheap project bike then mail me, will sell cheap. Based in North London now. Bike has 11 month left on MOT and tax paid for 10 month, but need to reapply for the taxdisk as it dropped off on the way home afterwards, but thats £7 to apply i think. It can be driven away, if you dont mind little vibration on front brake. If interested I can post some pics and more details on the condition.

I am interested. Pics and price please :slight_smile:


Found a good home. Will be well cared, better than before I’m sure.