Best Roads To Ride Award

Hi All,

I had a real cool ride home, the kind that puts a big soppy grin on your face every time you go over the brow of a hill and see the twisty road sweeping out below you and know you can pelt it down there :smiley:

While I was doing this, a few posts on here popped into my head and I started thinking about getting a collection of great roads together and then doing a vote to find out the best road to ride.

I’m kinda thinking thinking that we should agree what the rules for voting are, so if people are interested, how about giving your opinions on the following:

How close to London does the road need to be?What categories should we have? e.g. North, East, South, West (of London)? Best Long Road, Best Short Road, Best A Road? Dunno - let’s hear what you think.Anything else you can think of for the rules?

Once we sort that out, I’ll pop another thread up to get your nominations.

I was thinking it would be great to get a definitive list together so if any of us are at a loose end one day, we’ll have a list of new places on our side of town to explore :smiley: