Best Rides????

Can anyone recommend where the best road riding is in England? I live in East London so not too far away would be desirable. I prefer the long sweeping bends and definitely no speed cameras.


Anyone, anyone? Bueler, Bueler? :wink:



A65 Skipton to Devils bridge Kirkby Lonsdale.:slight_smile:

Cotswolds! A429, A417 is just on the other side of oxford. Loads of enchanting places and interesting towns to stop in.

Midlands is a bit far away, but there are some stunning roads between Melton Mowbray, Donnington, Coalville and Leicester… luckily for me it’s all within earshot of my uni!

But london’s roads tend to be congested. A27/23 maybe if you fancy heading south?

Cheers for the suggestions guys. Will definitely take your tips on board.

I can only give route tips of Eastern New South Wales, Australia in return. :smiley:

If the sun is out then so am I this weekend.

A338 Hungerford to Wantage.

If you’re in East London there’s some very nice roads out past Theydon Bois and Abridge, Ongar etc.

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

B2069 - Westerham :smiley:

You should get yourself onto some LB rides, plenty of nice roads to explore :slight_smile:

A272 (I think) near Boxhill area oh and the westerham one



I got given a ‘Bikers roads’ atlas of the UK. It gives some great routes, fixed speed cameras and road that are ‘dangerous’ for bikes due to the number of bike related accidents on them.Nice little atlas, follow the link below for details;


It might be further than you’re willing to travel though.

Hello and welcome. Good routes to be found all over the place. Have a look in the rideout section.

Seen this website? …My allowed to post this link ?