Best ride of the year

Just to get the ball rolling, as this year’s riding season limps to a halt, what would you put forward as your best/happiest ride of the year. Not interested in crashs etc, but the day that really made you glad to be out on the open road with more horses at your disposal than really should be legal.

This is mine, part of a 6 person trip to my home of Northumberland, special for any number of reasons, but primarily because it allowed me to ride the fantastic A689 to Penrith full of cake from the Hartside Cafe. With several 689 novices all gasping at the prospect laid out from the cafe:

Really nice pics mate! I wish I was there

It’s not that far man, get up there next year.

You never know, I may be encouraged into organising a little run up to the NE, a little B&B, a little rugged Northumberland/Borders riding, a little real ale, for all you southern jessies who have never been north of Birmingham.

It is as good and quiet as it looks. And the NE isn’t too wet (unlike the NW)


Those are some great shots…that looked like wicked huge fun. I’d LOVE an opportunity to get my bike over there…maybe take it for a spin through the Peaks District.

My high point this year was my first trip up to Manhattan, KS. Gorgeous day…amazing roads up and down, round and round through the Kansas Flint Hills. The only drawback was that I was riding solo as I couldn’t get anyone to come along that day.

Sharing the ride is the best thing about group riding - no matter how descriptive you are, there’s nothing like ripping your lid off after a mad piece of road and running over to your mate who’s doing the same, both of you with mad grins!!


That looked like a fun ride out there. I miss the roads of the north, only got to sample very few while I was traveling to scotty and back. But what I had experience they were fun as anything

The -2 chips in the paint job must have been a killer

My best ride of this year was back in July. I went up to High beach on my own and lost 6 hours of non stop country roads and blistering sunshine bliss!

Great pics andrew, the roads and weather look sooooooo nice, roll on next summer.
I like the idea of B & B for the night so people could all have a good drink after a hard days riding

Reckon my best run of the year was probably The Nurburgring and surrounding German Roads, what a place. Roll on going back next year.

Howay the rest of you!!!

I know you’ve all had a great ride sometime this year!! Let’s be havin it - might be a nice directory for next year hmmm ?


I know one of the worst ones. I went to Poole in July, it was bloody hot and I left my place at 11am so it took me 2 hours to get out of London because of the traffic (full long-ride gear with middle summer sun).Then when I finally got to the beach I had nowhere to leave all my stuff so on my way back I had sand absolutely everywhere.

BTW people look a bit odd in full motorcycle gear amongst thousands of others almost naked on the beach me thinks…NEVER AGAIN!!

LOL but that’s not quite what I had in mind!

Good story tho - haven’t seen you for a while man, you keeping ok?

You’re the one who’s hiding and coming out on saturday when everyone else is out on friday

Hope to see you this week in Soho?

Only if it warms up man.

my best ride is yet to come ill let u know what she is like when i meet her lol

, What do you mean, limping to a hold? I am only getting started!!!

Erm it was posted Nov 05. Macp has been trawling the old stuff by the look

My best ride this year would have to be probably the first one in a cold March night when i first took fazer down to Brighton, it reminded me of what i had been missing when i gave my bike up 2 years previous. I rode very cautiously to Brighton in the dark, in 1 degree and frosty roads, it was terryfying but also great!!

Mine to Andrea…mine too

REAL nice pics tho Andrew? Would love to get out on that stretch…maybe another time eh?