Best Professional Bike Photo

This is my favourite:)



how about this!

one of my favourites from last year…



Thats no good…no flames;)

A personal fav…

Man - he has still got a fair fistful of brake being that cranked over…

I think these 2 are awesome




This could be a quiz…lol

Wheres B?:wink:

I remember this from last year. Have to agree it’s a blinding shot. It really holds the intensity of the race and makes me feel a bit of a rush! :cool:

Not professional but right time, right place :smiley: Jerez.

Went back to see him again in Valencia and he did the same thing :crazy:



Hands DOWN the winner I’m afraid, and home grown talent too. Please take a bow Mr &7… oh wait he’s still swanning around in South Africa. Lucky git! :smiley:

ahhhh the mountain at cadwell

That’s it exactly!


Martin Finnegan highsides his Ten Kate honda at the NW200

I’ve got a good collection of actions shots coming along now - anyone got any more! :smiley:

I love the shots with the flames :cool:

We have this one in poster size at home

Where did you get that from Et? I’d love one of those:)

Another spectacular memory from Monza…



I have that Haga flaming pic as my desktop on one of my work machines, and I just found the Haga fireball video on YouTube.

See if you can find Jamie Whithams GP fireball on youtube, that was a good one too:D